About Us

Who Are We?

Nola Event – As a Corporate Event Agency with innovative perspectives, we help many of Turkey’s established corporations with events and organizations. With our experienced team, we provide a seamless and high quality service in any step that is needed (eg. Customer relations, field coordination, graphic design, production, scriptwriting, logistics, etc). Based on our motto “Your story is our story”, we merge your stories with ours and create truly memorable projects... With this approach, instead of the traditional servicing methods, we incubate our industry know-how, experience and creativity with more personalized servicing modules, in order to provide you that unforgettable experience…

Our Story

Our story began in New Orleans Taravella Manor Receptions Hall, and continues in Turkey as Nola Event - Corporate Event Agency.. Ever since we started this sectoral journal in 2008, we have strengthened our know-how by working with numerous companies, each varying from one another, and each larger than the other. In reference to our point of origin, New Orleans, we have named our company NOLA Event as an abbreviation of New Orleans - Louisiana. As for our logo, we wanted to express a uniting world. As it is our purpose to bring various different pieces together in harmony and present you a brand new world.

Why Us?

  • 1
    We can design economical projects that don’t force budgetary restrictions.
  • 2
    Great listeners. We truly understand your wishes, evaluate them and convert them to the desired project.
  • 3
    We provide all our services as turnkey projects under the ‘Improve - Design - Deliver’ triangle.
  • 4
    You will have the comfort of being a guest at your own organization.
  • 5
    For all of our projects, we make sure to work with the most suitable and productive teams.
  • 6
    We run background checks to make sure all the suppliers we coordinate for you are strongly valued companies in their own fields.

Our Projects

We believe in corporate culture, and corporate stories. At times, these stories intercept with our own story. While you tell your story, we attentively listen. Without skipping any small details, we work to bring every aspect of your dream to reality, within your designated budget and with the best quality service. Since 2019, we are advancing to be one of the strongest and differentiating companies in this sector through our specially designed niche events, such as, ’Communications & Marketing Projects’, ‘Party & Festival Projects’ and ‘Congress & Symposium Projects’.

Communication And Marketing Projects

  • Corporate Gift Box (intra- or inter-corporation gift box) - Concept creation - Print design - Production and Distribution Organization
  • Networking Development Promotions / Concept creation - Print design - Production and Distribution Organization
  • Corporate Motivation Trainings and Activities
  • Inside-Communication Improvement Trainings and Activities
  • Branch Meetings
  • End of term Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • Keynote Speaker Organizations
  • Launch Organizations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Premiere Nights
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Marketing Events

Party And Festival Projects

  • New Year’s Eve Parties
  • Summer Fest
  • Winter Fest
  • Happy Hour (indoor / outdoor)
  • Corporate Festivals
  • Concept Design Parties & Festivals
  • Cinema Festivals within Corporations
  • Road Show
  • Picnic Organizations
  • Iftar Organizations
  • Outdoor Etkinlikler
  • Boat Parties
  • Street Flavors Festival

Congress And Symposium Projects

Services we provide for Congress and Symposium Projects are as follows:

  • 1
    Mailing and e-mailing of all individuals in invited persons list
  • 2
    Preregistration and Event Records
  • 3
    Creating the concept of Congress and Symposium
  • 4
    Production, procurement, coordination and finalization of all aspects for the desired concept (decor, stage, all technical details and printed materials)
  • 5
    Managing sponsorships
  • 6
    Travel - Transit - Accommodation Services
  • 7
    Specialized “Gift Box” work for Congress and Symposiums
  • 8
    Application of specialized events for Congress and Symposiums
  • 9
    Premiere Night organization for desired concepts
  • 10
    Tracking payments of participants
  • 11
    Simultaneous translation from one desired language to another
  • 12
    All recording and production services for the duration of Congress and Symposium
  • 13
    Reporting the conclusion and technical details of Congress and Symposium


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